Form and List Testimonials Component

In Testimonial Fader version 5.3, we have a single menu option for the component view called "Form and List Testimonials" which can be used to show a form, list of testimonials or both.


  • Option to set the form to fixed or toggle.
  • Option to set the form on the top or bottom of the testimonial list.
  • Option to hide the form or the testimonials.
  • Styling Option for all menu items.
  • Pagination Styling.

I love this extension. Very Simple with a Great Big Bang for you Buck! Testimonials have become sort of boring but this extension brings it back to life... Simple and elegant! Very easy to install and to configure! Thank you!


I love these guys. The fixed the issue, which was my template, not the Fader and explained it all to me in detail! Seriously, if you want something like this for your site - download this now. The only thing it is missing is cake. Mmm.. delicious fader!


I bought this today and had an issue with CSS with my template not the application itself. They fixed the problem immediately. I'm very happy with the support and the application itself.


Was looking for a simple solution to display testimonials graphically and having tried a few of the free ones, decided to give this one a go. Installed and working in a few minutes, had a few issues with the template CSS overridding the module CSS, and the support had it sorted out almost immediately. Very happy, goos extension, great support.


i have purchased the extension and was able to modify it for my needs. there was some minor improvement to do which i couldnt find on my own. wrote a ticket and got reply within 10 minutes. after another 10 the problem was solved and the support team edited my code.

very fast and friendly support aswell as professional. thank you!


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