Form and List Testimonials Component

In Testimonial Fader version 5.3, we have a single menu option for the component view called "Form and List Testimonials" which can be used to show a form, list of testimonials or both.


  • Option to set the form to fixed or toggle.
  • Option to set the form on the top or bottom of the testimonial list.
  • Option to hide the form or the testimonials.
  • Styling Option for all menu items.
  • Pagination Styling.

Straight out of the box the module did exactly what it said it would. Up and running in minutes. Of course being hard to satisfy I wanted a small tweak made to how it operated. One online chat, 5 minutes and code change made. Awesome!


Great wee plugin.
Had one query for support and they responded immediately and fixed issues in my joomla template! Really happy. Highly recommended :)


Easy to install and use. Great support. You can use it for multiple domains. Recommend it to fully. Thank you Infyways!!

Easily the best support I've ever received through the various Joomla extensions I've implemented over the years. This extension works & looks great, but my template css needed slightly modified to allow it to work the way I intended. I submitted a ticket, and they had me up and running in no time at all. Outstanding company.


Not only has this extension do exactly what any testimonial extension should do, but their customer support is probably the best i've had the experience of dealing with... ...and not just in regards to joomla extensions, i'm talking about in my life!!