Easy Photo Gallery

Easy Photo Gallery is an easy to use awesome image gallery. It opens upon in a beautiful popup when thumbnail is clicked.

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Easy Photo Gallery Features
Latest Extension Version1.4
Last Updated 15 December 2014
  • Can fetch images from a folder or can be defined separated by comma.
  • Auto resizes image as per the mentioned dimensions.
  • Width and Height of Large images and thumbnail can be mentioned.
  • Opacity of shadow of the image can be controlled.
  • Border color of the image can be defined.
  • Title of the image can be set if image mentioned separated by comma.
  • Option to change title background color, font and title color.
  • Set font size and align the title.
  • Supports multiple instance.
  • Works in all modern browsers likeĀ  IE7+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chorme and Safari.
  • Works on iPad and iPhone


  • Width of the plugin can be mentioned.
  • Thumbnail alignment can be set.
  • Width and height of the image can be mentioned in the plugin parameters
  • Border color of the image can be defined.
  • Shadow of the thumbnail image can be controlled.
Browser Supported
Responsive Extension

Fetch Images from Folder


{photogallery folder="images/woo" thumbwidth="150"}{/photogallery}

Fetch Images from Individual Path with Titles


{photogallery image="images/woo/1.jpg,images/woo/2.jpg,images/woo/3.jpg" title="Caption 1, Caption 2, Caption 3" thumbwidth="200"}{/photogallery}

Fetch Images from Individual Path without Title


{photogallery image="images/woo/5.jpg,images/woo/6.jpg,images/woo/7.jpg" thumbwidth="200"}{/photogallery}