Pop any Module

Pop any Module

Popup any joomla modules like Newsletter Modules, Login Modules, Contact Us by using the plugin syntax or activating the module in any of the module positions.

ModulePlugin Joomla 2.5.xJoomla 3.x.x
Pop any Module Features
Latest Extension Version2.1
Last Updated 12 January 2017
  • Option to include javascript files in head or body to avoid javascript conflicts
  • Option to define Module ID that you want to popup.
  • You can either set image or link (when clicked will popup the module) as per your requirements
  • Option to set the dimension of the popup box (Height and Width)
  • Animation effects for the popup box can be set - Fade , Elastic or None
  • Closing and opening speed of the popup in millseconds or 'fast' , 'normal', 'slow' can be set
  • Option to add CSS in the module parameter if you would like to stylize the Link or image through CSS
Browser Supported
Responsive Extension
What's New?

Version 2.2

  • Uses Joomla Update System

Version 2.1

  • Used jQuery JavaScript Framework

Text to Module Popup

Login Here


{popanymodule}Login Here{boxsize}500px,300px{end-link}[16]{end-popanymodule}