Easy Tooltip

Easy Tooltip

Easy to use Tootip Plugin for Joomla
Plugin 3
Easy Tooltip Features
Latest Extension Version1.3
Last Updated 30 November 2020

Beautiful plugin that can be used to show any tip information whenever mouse is hover/clicked/focused on its associated link or image.

  • Supported by IE7 + , Mozilla Firefox , Google Chorme , Safari and Opera
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPad.
  • Compatible with all Joomla Versions 1.5 to 3.x.
  • Option to add javascripts files to head or body part which eliminates the possibilities of jQuery Conflicts.
  • Gives more flexibility to users.
  • Option to control jQuery Conflict.
  • Option to control the animation setting of the tooltip such as FadeIn time ,FadeOut Time, Delay time.
  • Option to set the apperance of tooltip such as Active On, Keep Alive, Tooltip Edge Offset and Tooltip Maximum width, etc.
Browser Supported
Responsive Extension
What's New?

21 Oct 2020

  • Change in plugin syntax. Simpled
  • Option to add link or remove link from tooltip
  • Option for additional CSS in the plugin settings

22 May 2019

  • Joomla Update Integrated
  • Uses Joomla jQuery Framework

Text to Text Tooltip

Hover to see the text inside a tip.


{etooltip content="Content for the tooltip" link="https://www.infyways.com"}Tooltip Text{/etooltip}

Image to Text Tooltip


{etooltip content="Content for the tooltip" link="https://www.infyways.com"}<img src="/images/photo.jpg"/>{/etooltip}

Live Demo

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