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Easy Code Highlighter

Easy to use system plugin for highlighting code snippets in Joomla. This plugin has 8 theme styles to define and supports 18 programming languages.

Plugin Joomla 3.x.x
Easy Code Highlighter Features
Latest Extension Version1.3
Last Updated 19 June 2021
  • Very easy to setup and install
  • Compatible with all browsers [Firefox 3.0 and more, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7 and above, Safari and Opera ]
  • Option to define the programming language that you are using.
  • Works on all browsers.
  • Works on iPhone and iPad.
  • Can be added to Custom Module or any Joomla Article.


  • Option to choose theme for the code highlighter. [8 themes available]
  • Option to highlight line number.
  • Option to define the language you are using.
  • Supports 18 different programming language
Browser Supported
Responsive Extension
What's New?

19 June 2021

  • Backend jQuery Issue Fixed
  • Modifications to Plugin Backend

23 May 2019

  • Joomla Update Integrated